Automated Sanitisation

Innovative BoT Devices and Solutions
for Automated Sanitisation of in-door areas
with post treatment Blockchain Certification
for Hotels, Restaurants, and Offices.

Welcome in the H-Fog Era


H-Fog is the first Guest Room Sanitisation System (GRSS) introduced into the marketplace.

Designed by joDorsi and Alberto Vuan (creator since 1991 of the first Guest Room Management Systems in for the VDA group), and based on his many years of experience in supplying On-Line Smart solutions for the Hospitality and Tertiary Markets.

Demo video
The vaporized liquid has been colored in white for demonstration purposes only, in order to make visible the speed and homogeneity of the saturation of the entire volume with the sanitizing product.
The fog generated for the sanitizing of the spaces is totally transparent, perfumed and it does not activate the fire detection system.


H-Fog is an innovative BoT device, designed to manage Cleaning and Sanitisation processes within a Hotel organisation, whilst offering the following features:


The Sanitisation treatment is executed in a totally automated way following the completion of the standard manual cleaning process.


the treatments are managed in a totally secure way with no possibility for human error in the starting up of the process, thanks to the APP provided to Housekeeping personnel.

Blockchain Certification

Each single step of the Cleaning and Sanitisation processes are tracked and certified through an Automated Certification, issued following the conclusion of each single treatment.



APP Features

4G/LTE with 3G/2G fall back for Native Connectivity to the SIMPLE cloud and Blockchain.

WI-FI (optional) for connectivity through the Hotel’s/Building’s Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Bluetooth 5.0 Mesh for connectivity with accessories (such as Door Contacts, Window Contacts).

An NFC internal reader to automatically control the authenticity of the Disinfecting Liquid Tank through a Blockchain Encrypted TAG. The treatment is not performed without Blockchain validation.

The embedded 4G/LTE/3G/2G connectivity module makes the H-Fog device secure and totally independent in terms of communication with the SIMPLE cloud (no integration with the WI-FI Network of the Hotel / Building).

The SIMPLE cloud software platform, being natively integrated with an ETHEREUM (public Blockchain) automatically generates a full and detailed report after each Cleaning + Sanitisation treatment.

Cost Saving

The automation of the entire Cleaning & Sanitisation process offers the advantages of a fully trackable process, minimising manual interventions and thus eliminating the risk of human error.


H-Fog is the first Patent pending Sanitization solution which execute the treatments in an Automated and Unattended way and provides a Blockchain Certificate after each treatment. For the first time it is possible to have a certified Sanitization for in door spaces without being forced to trust on human manual action and with a drastic reduction of the treatment cost compare to any other manual driven Sanitization process.