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SIMPLE wishes to lead the transition from IoT to BoT (Blockchain of Things) defining a milestone in the Smart City Innovability Industry within the Residential sector, and at a worldwide level.

Our Mission is to propose to the B2B and B2C market a range of revolutionary smart products whose features will mainly focus on reducing energy consumption, making the energy savings measurable, visible, and certifiable through blockchain technology.
All SIMPLE products offer a level of simplicity in their installation and configuration that was never achieved before.

Our BoT Smart Devices work without the need to install a Home Controller or a WI FI router. They communicate to the SIMPLE cloud directly, through the Mobile Phone Networks, without requiring a Telcom Internet Contract as a Gateway.
Such products can be installed both in new buildings, simplifying the cabling and so drastically reducing infrastructure costs and the Carbon Footprint, and also existing buildings that rely on existing 230V cables (retro fit installation), turning them into CARBON FRIENDLY HOMES where the Smartness is measured in terms of contribution to saving our planet.

Help us to reduce energy consumption and save our planet:
be part of the SIMPLE revolution!



Alberto Vuan

Founder & CEO

“Through my Entrepreneurial initiatives I have always been inspired by Design driven Innovation, Elegance in Architecture, Emotional impact on the user, and all mixed with the Simplicity in the execution of the projects.”

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HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal

Partner & Board Member

“As a figure of business, technology enthusiast, investor, and promoter of entrepreneurship, HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud is the founder of several companies working across three continents. He invests in an array of successful but diverse global businesses – from promising technology startups to established companies. Prince Khaled, as a shareholder of SIMPLE Group also contributes to the company’s strategic guidelines in his capacity as a member of the Board of Directors”.

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Mustafa Al Ansari

Partner & Board Member


“Serial entrepreneur Mustafa Al Ansari has more than 15 years of experience in the public sector, simultaneously founding, and currently running, several successful businesses. A believer in building both business and diplomatic bridges, Mustafa continues to support and grow his network across the GCC and further afield”.

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Valdo David

IoT & Technology


“Having been part of a global Consumer Electronics company for over 30 years, the SIMPLE vision fits well into my experience of trying to offer the very best, at an affordable price, with easy to understand and operate products”.

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Giacomo Santucci

Brand & B2C Strategic Advisory


“In all of our lives the true opportunity is to give a role to oneself, and a better sense to our experience. I strongly believe that my true opportunity is to be more involved in projects where social responsibility and social values are the drivers for future global growth. SIMPLE, in my eyes, embodies the essence of that scope, and teaches how simple it is to live in a better world”.

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Stefano Bertocchi

Software Architect & Blockchain Technology


“The SIMPLE project is a perfect example where IoT technology come together with Blockchain technology, to create a new generation of “BoT” smart products to give a real contribution towards reducing the carbon footprint of our homes”.

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Prof. Maurizio Sanarico

Big Data & Data Analytics Advisor and Strategic Advisory


“As an expert in artificial intelligence and mathematical modeling, I see the BoT model proposed by SIMPLE, with its gathering of data, a mine that produces value out of our 21st century’s gold. The intelligent management of appliances and related devices can contribute to reducing environmental impact whilst also allowing for improved user experience”.

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Jacopo La Porta

Financial Advisor


“The SIMPLE products and the company’s philosophy is merging decades of proven experience of the company’s founder in the Home Automation and Smart Building technology market, with new opportunities offered by Blockchain technology. The 4th Industrial Revolution is represented by the transition from the IoT to BoT concept, where SIMPLE is a first mover”.

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Victor Larionov

STO Advisor


“SIMPLE is the first remarkable project, where visionary entrepreneurs, with well proven track records in the field of Smart Building technology, create a very innovative strategy, where physical smart products are working closely with Blockchain technology, offering stunning new opportunities for the Smart Home market”.

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Margherita Anna Mulas

PR & Investor Relation and Strategic Advisory


“It is my great honour and pleasure to be involved in the Simple Group, from the very start of the project.
We are an international team of professionals, who believe that research and technology must be at the service of sustainability, for a better quality of life.
Our goal is to live more attentively and respectfully in the world, and this is an exciting time for our field. The launch of our new smart products will provide everyone with the opportunity to easily access technologies previously unthinkable”.

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Giuseppe D’Orsi

Design & Communication


Giuseppe D’Orsi is an architect, photographer, and graphic designer. A multifaceted figure of Italian design, his aim is to connect the wide and manifold world of design and visual communication to the whole spectrum of contemporary art.

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Rita D’Agostino

Legal Department & Smartcontracts


“I’m am delighted to be a part of the SIMPLE project, helping the Management Team in setting up the Smart Contract structures that will support the new business models that will emerge, thanks to Blockchain technology”.

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Diego Prando



“My partnership with SIMPLE was a natural process. I am proud to be part of a team of innovative professionals with foresight on the market and a common goal: to create smart technological products to simplify and improve people’s lives in the respect of our planet”.

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Giorgio Costacurta

Business Development


“Quando la società intera soffre di un problema pandemico occorre che esperienze diversificate si uniscano per creare soluzioni innovative.”

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