Automated Sanitisation

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We design and manufacture next generation BoT smart devices to turn the places we live into Carbon Friendly Homes and make our lives more secure and Healthy.
This is our small contribute to save our Planet and define a new level of Smart Living.

Welcome to BoT era

Vision & Mission

SIMPLE wishes to lead the transition from IoT to BoT (Blockchain of Things) defining a milestone in the Smart City Innovability Industry within the Residential sector, and at a worldwide level.

Our Mission is to propose to the B2B and B2C market a range of revolutionary smart products whose features will mainly focus on reducing energy consumption, making the energy savings measurable, visible, and certifiable through blockchain technology.

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“Simplicity is complexity resolved”

Constantin Brancusi

Innovative BoT Devices and Solutions for Automated Sanitisation of in-door areas with post treatment Blockchain Certification for Hotels, Restaurants, and Offices.

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